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Watt M. Casey, Jr.


Watt photographed internationally known photographer Robb Kendrick as Robb photographed on several Texas ranches. These images are in The Revealing Character: Texas Tintypes by Robb Kendrick, foreword by John Graves. The book is being published by The Old Jail Art Center, www.theojac.org Albany, Texas. Robb is well known for his tintypes of Texas cowgirls/cowboys that were used in a series of Frost Bank advertisements, for his work in National Geographic and for other clients. Robb’s exhibit opened in September 2005 at The Witte Museum in San Antonio, TX, and traveled around the state and is now part of the permanent collection at the Old Jail Art Center.

Watt’s photographs also appear in The Learning from Longhorns, published Fall 2004.

Santa Cruz Press published several books which feature Watt’s photographs including Two to Mexico and The Lasater Philosophy of Cattle Raising.” Available from www.IsaBeefmasters.com.
Flatrock combines scripture with photographs of ranch scenes on the Lasater Ranch in eastern Colorado, and is available from The Dale Lasater Ranch Matheson, Colorado.

A long awaited, much talked about book featuring Watt’s photographs of musicians is coming in 2017. The book, published by Texas A & M press, will be available nationwide including at the Grammy Museums in California and Mississippi. The focus is on Texas but will have images from Watt’s work on Eric Clapton’s 1974 US tour, Steve Miller at Red Rocks and Bruce Springsteen at Red Rocks and Memphis.

Steve Miller has written the intro/foreword, there will be long captions and various details about images along with an essay from Watt’s mid to late 1970’s UT Austin housemate, Mark Seal. Mark is a well known writer for Vanity Fair, author of several books one or more of which have been made into a movie. The well known chronicler of music, Texan Joe Nick Patoski, has written an essay on Willie, Sir Doug Sahm and the Austin scene where we both arrived a long time ago (1970).

Several other musicians will be involved in addition to people involved in the music business. Bill Bentley, a musician and writer, moved from Austin to California has worked in the music business for years is contributing insights about many of the musicians and concerts we both attended in the mid 1970’s. Bill’s work with artists like Merle Haggard and Neil Young plus many others provides a unique view. One of Eric Clapton’s people told me Bill is a near legendary figure in the music business and I agree.

The Grammy Museum PRIDE & JOY:THE TEXAS BLUES OF STEVIE RAY VAUGHN exhibit opened in Tulsa, OK March 31st, 2016 is traveling. The exhibit will open at the Bob Bullock Museum in Austin on March 10th, 2017. The exhibit has multiple B/W and Color images of Watt’s from 1975-1990.

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